Things made by Raina:

Some pots, a few lamps, furniture, and many undefined things…

I have made these by my hands over last 2.5 years. Last few months I am not making anything. But I am trying to finish the unfinished! The photographs are also raw, since I am not smart with technology and filters.

I started making all these products (photographs attached with my blogs)… in 2015…right about the time I lost everything…my clothing shop suffered heavy losses and we rock bottomed. My depression and BPD made me hide and slow down.

I made too many! I wanted to sell them…I made whatever came to mind, because I could certainly make money with these unique products. (Dreams are real) So, the search for brand names began….for these things that I make. I would even write a story about the thing…what was I thinking, how it is so useful, looks pretty, doesn’t it? Do you like it?

One day, I sat in my chair….and looked at the sky. As I looked, the Moon caught my eye. It made me smile and then cry!

When you spot the moon in the sky…don’t you wanna show it to the person closest to you? do you wanna capture it in your camera and share with somebody? Or you are like me, who just stares and smiles at its beauty.

These things I made or make have only ONE purpose… create a smile!! 🙂