Intelligence Quotient x Emotional Quotient = BPD !!

Look what I found in my drafts. Yes, about 2 years ago I wrote this….damn! I still wanna share coz it reminded me how confused I was and how much I used to cuss…hehe. Shortly after this post, I dumped my therapist. Why? Coz she was gaslighting me. She was telling me I have BPD […]


I am back…

The Moon and the Tree Story by R. Pic by C. Once there stood a tree. One morning it looked at other trees and thought they looked so beautiful n full of life with their lush green leaves n flowers, so happy n full of life. Then it looked in the mirror and said…I cant […]

The end.

My dear readers… I started writing on this blog to help just one person…I don’t want anyone to endure so much pain. Turns out …it was me that needed the help. You all…every post I read has been thought provoking and made me ask questions… So… I will take a break and heal and come […]

BPD Glitches in CA.

So…. It took me 10 days to get my act together…my bowel movements and my sleep and my coffee times, blogging time, appetite…everything went for a toss given the 12 hour time difference and my age difference and changing hotels.. Teehee The mission is accomplished though …my daughter has started college. And she is doing […]

I can be a BPD n more!

So… Am sitting here under a tree…at the university campus. Absorbing the facts of what’s happened n happening in my life. I didn’t just travel half way across the world…I crossed a lot of time…my memories coming back. Arriving here after 11 years of being away….is still surreal. My daughter will start college and then […]

The Moon on the move:

….so this is a tough one. I have returned to my home country after 7 years and the entire journey and last 3 days here have been very painful. I have to disassociate and keep a facade so I don’t crumble infront of my daughter. I was not expecting my depression to hit rock bottom…I […]