Hope: abuse kills it!

Hope…I lost it. Couldnt find it… Heard about it But knew not what it meant Until yesterday… I understood It’s that feeling I wake up with… That gives me strength for yet another day… I asked the universe…dont let me loose hope please When I lost it, I didnt want it anymore…in fact I hated […]

Impact of Truth on mental Wellbeing

Actually, the impact is on mental as well as physical well being. At any given point in my life, I have acted upon the facts presented to me. I know I am living honestly and trusting others who surround me. It’s the perfect scenario. Then why am I getting sick, on anti depressants, tummy aches, […]

What happens when you dont know?

It’s like watching a suspense thriller or a horror movie, where the audience keep urging the victim to run for her life, because the killer is hiding or coming after her. Imagine waking up angry, and you dont know why? A. Because you are crazy and meds not working B. You had a bad dream […]

Looking for kindness …

Looking for kindness in the faces of strangers… That’s where I started…when i realized my relationships and people around me were abusive…and what is abuse? We hold certain powers and when we try to or control others from this place of power…its not good. That’s what is called abuse. So, I said to myself…how do […]

Trying to begin…

Am not averse to self isolation, so the imposed isolation due to virus and the lockdown from the government is not affecting me. Yet, I am getting triggered I had maids cleaning the house and cooking some for me. Now, no maids are allowed, so I have to step up and do whatever needs done. […]