Birth of healing:

Took time… Took 53 years of roaming on the ground Searching for sex love a date someone to cuddle with me Loosing taste Sense of smell Hunger Sleep The universe was watching out for me… When my knees buckled Standing at my window Gazing at the moon I had just come back from the mental […]


My prayer to Heal

O kind Sun You give me life force Thank you! Please breathe in me… Thank you the Moon and the stars for hope and wishes The sky the clouds The trees and the breeze Calm me… Earth…for holding me steady And the water within me Thank you for today And the strength… Love you …

I can do math…yippee

I just smiled …coz I solved a problem for me… It’s like…I solved a theorem? My math teacher in school used to use this word and I had no idea what it meant…not a clue. I just sat there in the classroom, stealing glances at the sky and trees outside the window and act like […]

My Dad…

He gave me a legacy: kindness and a charming smile. It’s his birthday today, he would be 89 yrs old. But does age and gender matter? NO. (Father or mother or brother or blood or relative or friends..none of these labels matter….without kindness and humility….we cease to exist.) He was born today. 1931…and named Prince. […]