Being oblivious to any form of mental illness….is not cool..


January 2017, I woke up to my reality…


the book…Mindfulness was a turning point.

The other significant thing that happened, was seeing my soul sister after ages. She visited me from halfway across the world, for my birthday.

And she was talking about this person (me) and the stories of happy times. …..I don’t have those memories…What happened? She jogged my memory…and filled me with so much hope. I had more energy….

Lasted 2 months….and then wham! something happened that broke me bad….

BUT this time, I was aware of how I react in certain situations. And had started recognising my triggers. Plus I had an excellent team of doctors and therapists. My therapist and me were on a fast track….everyday I learnt something new about me, memories started to show up…..and its continuing. And I am glad that I have half my life left to LIVE. I really am. Suddenly, there are a lot of possibilities and I have woken up!

everyday I wish and pray that we be kind to others! might get catchy, a trend….haha

I am changing my world, my perspective. I recognise a few gifts, which makes me believe that we have a highly intuitive sense…which allows me to consciously use it …. 😉



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