About me:

Once upon a time…there was a Dad. He had a little girl who made him smile everytime he looked at her. He was my world.

He gave me the Moon, ..love, validation, smiles and a red color motorcycle. Then one day he died. I didn’t realise. I just sought him…wished he would come back. Coz he would never ever judge me, always gave me unconditional love.

A year after I lost him, I was diagnosed with BPD. Borderline Personality Disorder.

the Moon, is a story, of my journey to recover from a illness. A illness to which I lost most of my life. A illness which is real, as real as me! You need to know…you need to understand. I need to understand what is BPD…am just starting to discover the real me….

I just know that I want to be my Daddy’s girl” again….find my memories of who I was and what took over my life, what happened?

The Moon is real……my rock, a place to escape, a place to reflect and TODAY….to share and to heal …

I have been living in my balcony for the past 3 yrs…its my Moon.

My wish is to be free!

My wish is to go back home

I just have to get a bit stronger…and i will fight for my freedom…to take back my life.