Birth of healing:

Took time…

Took 53 years of roaming on the ground

Searching for sex love a date someone to cuddle with me

Loosing taste

Sense of smell



The universe was watching out for me…

When my knees buckled

Standing at my window

Gazing at the moon

I had just come back from the mental hospital

And at that moment I felt my knees buckled and I whispered to Universe…

Ab naa hogaa humsey

I can’t do it…I give up…let me die…just lemme die…am finished…

Healing in progress…
Creativity in progress…


This is what hope, wish and dreams looks like….sunflowers dude!!!

nd I rose from that ground…earth its called

The moon was listening

My whispers were carried by the winds to the Moon

The water within me rushed around to help me get up

Sun was smiling in America

The stars in the sky are my wishes come true

The sky is 50 shades of blue …hehe

The trees kept a watch on me

Refueled me when I was running low…hehe

Recognized it was the earth that didn’t let me fall

It held me


Thank you all….I thank you

It kept me steady and walking….sometimes barefoot coz I needed it…I was suicidal and getting ready to jump infront of traffic….

Didn’t die

In my heart I have always wanted to live…

Fall in love, hold hands and walk, sunsets, water fights with kids …smiles…laughter…

I dreamt of a very different life for me…

And its all coming true.

The story unfolds here…. 😉


Present! 😉

And all of you…this where it all started…

I read you…I listened…I understood, I felt, I related….

My healing began with you here….

My Dad never left me….he’s here with me….in my heart and my soul and my strength that comes from him to me.


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