My Dad…

He gave me a legacy: kindness and a charming smile.

It’s his birthday today, he would be 89 yrs old. But does age and gender matter? NO.

(Father or mother or brother or blood or relative or friends..none of these labels matter….without kindness and humility….we cease to exist.)

He was born today. 1931…and named Prince.

He was a favourite professor for his students in field of Architecture.

He always smiled at me, had the kindest eyes and a ready laugh. He thanked me for everything and said sorry to everybody. He walked slowly and he sat gracefully. Tears filled his eyes when he said goodbyes to me and he stood waving at me till I disappeared from his eyes.

I called him Daddy and then Dad….but never really knew him. After he passed away is when I came to understand and know him. Everyday… everyday some memory of his surfaces and gives me a glimpse of who he was.

He bought me expensive wings to fly to america and become somebody, be free and never come back.

You see, we were in a prison. And he chose to do time so he could buy my freedom. He would sit down sometimes and say…baby, we are born on the 13th, it’s a very unlucky number. I remember that for every bday I have had.

Today I would tell him…Daddy, I have broken that curse, that spell of 50 years of my life and 50 yrs of his life…a century of bad luck. I put an end to it.

Today, I am the lucky one. To have had him in my life. To have my daughters and to have the whole universe watching over us.

I am fearless because of him.

When my daughters smile…I see him….a smile that opened doors.

His strength was kindness and compassion.

I am free Daddy…I am here writing…making history…all because you were born today.

He was a warrior, who gave up his life for me, so I could win…so I could live…so I could be free.

Today, he is a spirit who watches over me and my two lovely daughters…

Thank you for this life…

A tree ….of life.


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