Hope: abuse kills it!

Hope…I lost it.

Couldnt find it…

Heard about it

But knew not what it meant

Until yesterday…

I understood

It’s that feeling I wake up with…

That gives me strength for yet another day…

I asked the universe…dont let me loose hope please

When I lost it, I didnt want it anymore…in fact I hated that word…its for losers I would think…

I am a doer

Today….i read these words on my whatsapp status, that I had written a year ago…but didnt know what it meant.


Hope…waking up every morning and doing what I can do, without judging myself, or questioning my actions.

If I had one wish, what would it be? Umm…for my daughters to be happy and heal.

I dream…of a life where I am snuggled close to someone who I can trust, walk on the beach in the sand holding hands, while the sun sets on the horizon….and I am smiling and at peace…

My wish and my dream are a constant…

For today, I remain hopeful.

Today, I woke up, looked at the sky, felt the breeze, am alive….so I will do what I can and hope it leads me to living a life…my actions defining my path…

One day at a time…

Living and smiling…I am me 🙂

Flowers from my garden…smell so good.. 🙂


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