Case #2020: 3 years leading to second child

So…many little things kept happening and my reaction or the way I behaved was mostly anger, crying or being busy.

Mind you….R is waking up in the morning and does not know she is being lied to. She trusts Him, no questions asked


If she gets angry, its because an intuitive sense is sounding an alarm, somethings not right is the signal I am getting, but she is told “you get angry for no reason, you are just an angry person, you have always been angry and you dont know how to control it”.

So, I hide in the closet and cry and sob, with my hands covering my mouth, coz i dont want my baby to hear me. He says…you have depression. Go to the doctor and see if you need more or other medicines. So, I do as I am told. I tell the doctor everything He thinks is wrong with me and come back with a prescription of more meds.

That’s how it started

The trap to declare me mentally unstable

What was I doing day to day, everyday?

Remember, I had a little baby girl. So, I was busy with her and cooking n cleaning n doing grocery. Yes, he helped by playing with the baby. I was left with me…watching n feeling alien!


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