Case #2020: Crime: murder n so on..

Charge: murder of choices R made.

So, i was thinking how to get back here and writing and be able to reach others out there in this universe, who could hear me and have that cathartic moment when somethings start to make sense, peices start to fall in place, it just feels familiar, …..because, that could be the beginning of a healing process….

just like it happened for me

And you did to me! 😉

So, I am going to present it in the format of a court scene …

Case 2020, part 1, part 2 and so on…

Part 2 is where I want to begin. Because part 2 will explain what happened in part one or led to the charges in Part 2…

With me so far…?

And Part 3 will be the verdict of “An award ” for being present here today!


Ps: I just need 2 show of hands if they honestly feel i should do it…


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