Trying to Envision a future for me:

So, here I am. Today.

I got a divorce a month ago, after 23 years of marriage and decades of abuse.

Still disbelief that I did it. I did it. Still not sunk in I feel….

I want to share the story behind my “I did it” with you, the universe, because this is the place my journey into self recovery started. And today I don’t have a roadmap, but my wish is to heal just one person at a time. Time, yes…the time that I lost, my youth, my laughing and running behind them, cooking for them, and the time that I was not present there to stop the abuse. But I am trying….

For the first time I tried to write a “what do I want for me in life” List. That was 3 days ago. But today morning when I woke up, with a head full of dreams, and a smile on my lips, I knew I am going to be fine!

So, I share with you on the Moon!

What do I want in life for me? March 22, 2020

a. Laugh every opportunity I get with my girls and my friends.

c. Watch the sunset every day of my life for the rest of my life.

p. Just skipping alphabets, so I make sure I cover all alphabets in between….because A-Z includes all of us. And I have started my own collection, because you can’t tell a story without forming words ey? hehe

R. Be healthy, TRY my best, mentally and physically.

S. Be strong. Everyday let the universe breathe in me.

L. Make real connections. I found a few good people who held me up when I felt I was done!

T. Love without fear.

D. Do whatever to make sure i have roof and food for me and my daughters.

N. Experience life, start believing that I can have one.

F. Always keep dreaming n wishing n hoping. It’s not in me to give up, I just need to remember…which ain’t easy.

H. Heal n touch lives

J. Have a hand to hold and walk some of my life….I can exist alone but I want to experience human touch.

Z Be free of labels.

That’s all so far….

Thank you for listening!


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