I am back…

The Moon and the Tree

Story by R. Pic by C.

Once there stood a tree. One morning it looked at other trees and thought they looked so beautiful n full of life with their lush green leaves n flowers, so happy n full of life.

Then it looked in the mirror and said…I cant be a tree?!! I look so ugly n bare n just twisted branches, devoid of leaves n color. 

The tree looked up at the sky and wishes for birds to come n make a nest on its strong branches. But the birds just flew past it n chose the other pretty trees.

The tree stood there everyday, his hopes high with the rising sun, feeling the wind and wishing and dreaming. Some days it would wish for the lightening to strike and set it on fire and end his misery.

One morning when he woke up he felt something, like someone was touching him. It was a very alien kinna feeling, tickling him. He looked around, couldnt find any birds or humans.

He looked at the sky and saw a shape hanging by. It was the moon. He knew it because he would watch it secretly in the dark of the night.He couldnt believe it, he was so in awe.

Then the moon smiled and said “hey you, can I rest on you awhile?

The tree said…sure!  And thought to himself..why me? 

The all seeing moon could read his thoughts and smiled and said…coz you are strong and I have been watching you watching me when noone noticed me or looked at me.So, I’d like to hang with you.

And so the moon hung onto a branch of the tree. Both of them content, oblivious of the picture of beauty they made….
The end.


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