SFO Airport triggers BPD symptoms:

Well…exactly as it says.

I have been travelling through a few international airports over last 3 weeks. And my experience at the San Francisco Airport international Terminal 1 was quite shattering.

It made me wonder, how the world carries on, without any consideration or kindness towards a mentally whatever person. Fuck mental…just kindness. I believe can eradicate mental shit.

There is wheel chair accessible thingie for the handicapped and the elderly. I am neither , but would gladly take the wheelchair if it means people will treat me with kindness!

So…The story goes like this…

I bought this cool turquoise blue color water bottle that keeps water chilled for hours. During travel I must keep sipping chilled water coz I get bad dry mouth n sweat in crowded places like this airport.

So…going through the security check was a chaos. Shoes off, belts off, empty pockets, etc etc. The security kept chanting!! All clear and I wait for my little bag with my water bottle and my scarf in it. I waited 10 minutes and saw how was totally ignored..my queations warranted a cold stare.

Security girls: you can’t take this water bottle, it’s full. You can go outside and dump it.

Raina: but the security line has 50 people in it and I must walk to my gate. I will drink it…I chose. It was half a bottle as I had been sipping on the drive to airport.

Security: like I said you have to go out.

Raina: to drink also? I dont face this problem at any other airport.

Security lady 2: you don’t seem to understand. You have to go out or give up the bottle. It’s been a rule for 12 years, you can’t pretend not to know.

Raina: but I am coming to this airport after 12 years. ( I didn’t wanna remain quite. It was my bottle. But I was almost on the verge of tears and did not have the presence of mind to tell them it’s for my anxiety…I need my bottle. They just ambushed me!) It was about the water and more significant was the bottle.

I gave up my bottle willingly and walked away. And then I turned back and went to the command center and explained to them what had happened and I just wanted my bottle back and that i had been mistreated. He thanked me for my feedback and told me I have up my bottle voluntarily and he can’t take it out.

By this time…tears were rolling down my cheek and I told him…look I have anxiety and this was not nice!

I walked towards my gate, blinded by tears, and a heavy heart for my water bottle taken away. This water bottle had kept me company for 2 weeks.

It was the toughest hour for me. I just wanted to sit down right there and howl my heart out…coz it hurt so bad. But I was in the middle of the airport and I had to board the flight to go back home to my younger child.

That hour or two….a new friend (who feels like an old friend) sent me hugs and best wishes and assurances… my daughter will be fine until I come back. She will thrive! He did not know what had transpired with me. But his WhatsApp msgs assured me that i was in touch with reality. I confided in him that i had lost a few tears. My kind friend unknowingly…..gave me strength n hope and …..these words of his calmed me and kept me from breaking down…

*wipes away tears, kisses forehead*

You’re going to be just fine.

I sat on that bench and wrote these words…

Love is

Quiet like the breeze
And strong as the trees
Free Like the sky
Steady like the earth
Like a fire within…


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