The moon has landed in usa: BPD be gone!

Morning west coast…

I am alive and awake and smiling but mostly crying with gratitude.

I left India with a mission in mind. To drop my daughter to college. But when I arrived here, ì donno what happened. I had anticipated some crying…but I watched myself disassociate as familiar things caught my eye…small things…

Unknown to me…the universe was looking out for me. A kind family watched over us and gave me time to get stable. My faith in humanity restored.

Today…I can write. It’s the blur of tears that stops me everytime…

I thought I didn’t belong here, I thought I can’t drive a car, I thought I will be a wreck….but I knew I would be fine. Nothing nothing nothing can stop me. Not now, I have come this far and I will not be scared. To trust is hard when you are scared. Even the moon in the sky looked strange…I just wanted to go back home!

I thank you foe your kind thoughts and the power to heal each other. Only kindness for others at the bottom of everything ….and this fire within that refuses to die, no matter what. So…doesn’t that make us special in a nice kind way. Then….

What is a stigma? Mental my ass.

For the Moon Childs of the world…you and I belong in this universe.


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