To be free: wish of a BPD woman

I wanna share what my older daughter said to me 2 weeks ago. I was blind…and I got light.

She is such a beautiful feeling child…except I didn’t notice until recently. I was in lot of pain and didnt know they were hurting too. I thought i had them protected and safe. I was wrong. My yrust was wrong. My choices wrong. But my heart was right by me…in my mind i was right. Now I know my truth.

Daughter: Mumma, you have got me free. I am going to college. Now you have to get yourself nd the little brat free.

R: Don’t worry baby…we will be fine. I got you.

Daughter: you can’t take care of us both. You need to take care of little one and you. I will manage…I will be fine. I just looked at her…I saw my little girl….holding back her tears and trying to be brave.

it hit me so hard that my soul child has become my guardian.

I believed that my saviour was my saviour and a loving saviour to my girls….

Saviour was my abuser.

I was okay. I didn’t know that my girls were too young to express to me…the mental abuse and bullying and gaslighting that they suffered too.

But now I know.

I will go and drop her off in USA for college. She is going back home and I pray the Universe watches over her…let her be a free traveller.

I pray that i get stronger and am able to take care of them…they are also getting stronger with me.

21 years of captivity is paying off. I didn’t die. I made it.

I got me and you.


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