I have Circumstantial Borderline personality Disorder!


Z) Circumstantial BPD:

Well….I had to make my own name coz there is no name available for what I think I have…based on Facts!

Remember, BPD symptoms vary from person to person. So if i was a person I would have my own symptoms and my own description…you reckon?

Anyway… these are my facts as i can prove them! If my circumstances were “better” or different then I would get a different kinna sickness? Did i choose the circumstance? No. Well…yes. but when I realised that it was a trap, I wanted out. But the circumstance couldn’t be changed. So i became Circumstantial BPD. Everyday I did what i do everyday for many years. Which gave birth to …

A. Circumference BPD..where you remain on the border and keep running around in circles. Most people with this condition will stick to the diagnosis and keep reliving it. Because there ain’t no other choice available on the menu. I didn’t get the same menu as you dumdum!

I am a perfect example of this kind. I was told I had BPD and I took that medal and ran around the world (on WordPress) in circles. I could identify with a lot of people with BPD, I could feel your pain through your words. I saw what you couldn’t imagine. Some bloggers….well…they looked just tired and confused and in need of a hug and lotsa laughter. And i thought to myself…I have been running around in circircles too. But I decided to stop the spin. Like I ain’t gonna do one more round of the same thing I did yesterday. I will do it once and I will do it right and I am going to look for other something new to run around for!!

A few months ago…a traveller of the Universe said to me “i will try anything once” (I hope he wasn’t talking about sex) so…I was like ok..I applied it to my BPD and starting ticking off all the symptoms i experience once!

B. Which made me think of Locational Borderline personality disorder. I exhibit no signs of BPD inside or outside when I am in Maldives islands. Or When i go home! If WordPress bought you a free ticket to anywhere You wish…would you go or not go? If you decide to go…have fun and forget your BPD. If you decide not to go….then pass me the ride! Which brings me to…

C. smiling BPD

Gosh…the BPD that keeps smiling and living everyday despite gaslighting, abuse, bullying, (I have learnt a Lotta words and meanings from you all 🙂 And i am going to use them in my sentences…like we did in school. Make your own sentence?

What happened to….if you have BPD…then go to LaLalAND to buy toys to keep you mentally occupied or happy or soothing or cuddly to touch. I know there is ToysrUS. My daughter loved visits to this store. I used to take her there in my car.

I have a few more types that i am exploring. Hehe

My problem is I dont have data to support this. I have only me and the Moon.

The end.

( one duck broke shortly after this photograph was taken. Its buried in a pot. The other remaining duck is with elephants and horses)


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