Baby’s day out:

I woke up dreaming of my Dad. I gotta give him hugs.

This morning I was not sick and even managed to do 10kms. I got out of bed and made a nutella sandwich for my daughter. She likes for me to get up and bid her goodbye or walk her to the bus. I try to. Yes She is old enough but we both like it.

So…I am out today. Doing a 2 hour drive to go meet a dealer for my business. Dealers are the ones I buy my goods from…to sell at my store. This particular dealer L is a young guy and makes more money than any CEO. He didn’t even go to college. And i am his only woman/female customer. He tells me “madam, why do you do business when tou are so educated and have college degrees”. I told him I have to make money. To which his advice was ….you should allow the man to take care of you, you stay at home with kids and keep husband happy”. To which i have no answer! I just know that i have to keep plugging in and give the store another go…might work. I have until December to make a call on shutting down!

have found some brilliant stuff everytime I go buying stock for my store.

So, I choose not to drive here in Bangalore. But in my home town I can. πŸ™‚ so my driver is driving. And this is me sitting in the back with my stuff to do!

I am knitting these indoor booties for my older daughter. She is going to college next month and would need warm slippers in the dorm. Almost done.

I hope today Can keep me distracted. I feel a storm inside. A few triggers everyday would do that. That’s why I got outta the house to air me.

Ciao for now!



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