How big is the world:

” How big is the world” by Britta Teckentrup

…the book that found me this morning.

Today started with waking up sick n throwing up due to lack of sleep and also cauz I ate supper too late and ate too much…because it tasted good. I cooked the meal. 🙂 so…there you go!!

I woke up with a head full of dreams. Donno which city I went to…but I will eventually find out !! 😉

Then i tried to process these dreams over the next 2 hours while I sip 2 cups of coffee…

Then the crying starts…out of the blue…4 secs to 2 minutes…that’s the window I have… to distract myself and reduce the crying time…works. That first sob is allowed to see the light n then it goes away most times.

The distracting…cleaning…discovery!

I bought this book for the Moon in 2016….but don’t rememeber seeing it ever arrive..hmm?

I understand this book. It makes sense. I can’t read big books, because I dont understand meanings of a lot of words. So when I read a book…it’s wherever the page opens. Like a lottery. I read and if it makes sense then it’s okay. If it bores me then I go to the next page.

I can pretend to understand a lot of words but my meanings are always different than yours. Mostly my intuitions guide me quietly in the background…I can feel what you are feeling and that helps me rig up a answer or a solution. I dont meet a lot of people because its a lot of noise and tires me.

The few people in my life… understand and respect me and allow me to be crazy naughty me…I love to make surprises, miracles and laughter and smiles. I asked my younger daughter if i was crazy. And she started. yes a bit, but my opinion doeant count coz i have known you all my life. But others may find you crazy. ” So my daughters and my guardian angel and my doctors and the stranger on the street…..they all love me cause I can make them smile . I am their en6ertainment ! My daughters take advantage of that…they will act funny to make me laugh and when I am laughing…they get away with roaming the universe!

It’s so cool and fun…catching someone by a surprise …is the most awesome thing to do for me…wouldn’t that make you feel loved and special.

So…the book made me smile!!

It’s easy to read and the message so simple.

DONT trust the spiders and the pretty horses in your life. Know the difference between a spider and some horse pretending to be a whale. Don’t beleive them. Don’t trust them. Keep walking away and on….

Trust only the whale and the Seagull….they will show you the world. I was lucky to have an encounter with a whale shark last year in maldives. It was big and beautiful and swam by lazily. I watched it from a distance…and that’s what you should do too. Please don’t run into them and touch them. It’s very mean. You won’t like it if someone touched you…would you now? Besides they are very gentle and kind beings. And pretty cool to look at.

The seagull is my ticket to the universe. To be free and fly anywhere I want.

My Dad was like his dad. Even my mom and my brother. He got me a red Yamaha motorcycle so I could ride into the Himalaya mountains..alongside the river Ganges…in the small town where I grew up. Then I sold my motorcycle and flew on a seagull…

Raina 🙂


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