Do Expats in Bangalore have Borderline personality disorder?

Do they?

Am just sitting here and wondering…

Living here 11 yrs as a expat NRI in Bangalore.

I have met many Expats and shared a drink and many stories. The sentiment remains the same! Utter disbelief and disgust! Accompanied with the need to be hugged and make each other smile….so we can go another mile!!

Followed by a lot of cuss words

Followed by “coming home” to a hotel or a serviced apartment or a gated community like mine…

Followed by making lot of resolutions

Followed by staying locked inside a room with a view for the entire weekend and drinking or staring at the view.

Followed by….a week full of whatever happened the last week or the week before or last month. Example….road accidents and road rage (there are many more) anything can happen!

Followed by a exit plan or a trip to Bali to take a break!


Do you feel you are Loosing your mind? You have never felt this frustrated before? By the time you get to work you are already exhausted by the anxiety of having travelled the distance. And then one key employee doesn’t show up for work…so you have to go to plan B. If you dont have plan B and F….then you are jacked.

The thought of being free or getting out of this prison….a constant in your mind?

If so….

…is it possible that you may have got the Borderline personality disorder?

It starts with depression and anxiety and then wham…it takes a life form of its own. Nobody talks about it. And nobody will ever owe up to it. But the fear remains…Am I Loosing my sanity?

Statistics matter. Please identify yourself and seek help!



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