August 13th, 2011: my dad was alive!

This photo here popped on my Facebook thing….memories …Aug 2011

Funny that i was just talking about crossing bridges.

I rememeber this day…the place was a jungle retreat of some kind. I remember the room smelled musty coz it was raining. There was a water fall right next to our room and made Lotta sound and mist….it was lovely but sad. I had spent the night huddled with my daughters…. I felt very lonely and cried to sleep.

I followed the girls around….they kept me busy.

My dad’s 80th birthday….August 13th…this month. He was in USA with my brother and they were having a huge celebration for him.

I so wanted to go…

I was told I can’t because there is no money. I didn’t have a account or money or anything. I didnt go…the girls were too young to be left alone and had school….

My father died after 5 months…Dec 31st, 2011. He died on my watch here in Bangalore. Multiple heart attacks…because his doctor was a murderer who took him off blood thinners. I remember how indifferent the doctor was….but I was in a hurry to get to my business….

I had to work hard at the business…so I could make my own money and take my girls and go back home. I didn’t want his money. I wanted to make my own…I didn’t like bring told what to buy and what not to buy. The distaste of it….my want rejected. Ain’t no motherfucker ever told me what to do…


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