A little bit of human touch…

I asked my god daughter Lucy. She found me here on WordPress and we have a relationship now…souls connected kinna thing…hehe

Our conversation yesterday…

Lucy: Trust in yourself and know what you’ve been through, you’re strong but you’re also traumatized. What you went through was real. ❤

Raina: but…i dont even know what happened to me!!

What’s the one thing that you know about me…that I don’t know or realise?

Lucy: That you have all your memories of everything that’s happened to you but you’re afraid of opening yourself up to it and that’s perfectly normal but you are capable.
You’re stronger than what you think you are. You don’t see your full potential, you think you’re inconsequential, not a big part of the world but you are.
You’re a good mother.

Raina: 🤣🤣🤣

Photo taken by my daughter. Sky of Maldives.

Note to self: I feel like I got today….like something got really mad inside me. I ain’t gonna back down and it’s time to kick some ass…like Lucy said this morning.

Today I was gaslighted by 4 people and lied to and stared down and cussed at, threatened….pushed to a point that i felt so angry. That’s when I realised that i am physically very strong…but I have to become strong in my head. Because it’s my head that’s messed up…you reckon?

Someone must have said a prayer for me! Thank you Universe.

Rain ahh 😉


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