I was quiet. I was not blind!


A relative is visiting me today after lunch. He is my big cousin brother. He has seen me since I was born. He attended my parents wedding. I attended his wedding and loved his daughter like mine.

He and his daughter have seen my posts and are anxious to know if I am well. They are confused about my marriage and divorce rumours within the family…etc etc.

I think I was liked by most relatives. And hated by a few…for my outspokenness and being wild.

Divorce has been officially filed 2 yrs ago, but has not been granted due to various impromptu excuses from him.

So….logically I am not divorced. Then why talk about it…why does anybody need to know? Do others tell me their stories? No….cause I AM not in touch with anybody.

Then what should I do…

At 51 I feel like my identity is not there. I responsibly raise my girls as best as I can…even when I do t want to. Yes…I told myself long time ago that i dont have choice, I will never leave my daughters…not even to die. I am gonna live till 80yrs and watch them grow… 🙂


I cannot use that word.

We …me and my daughters have been abused and kept as obedient servants with a salary….

Do you know how much we hurt and cry and scream but ain’t nobody to listen. Everyone wants to tell me what to do…how I will be impacting my children…specially girls…you need a man to stand by you …your girls need to be protected…

What about me Daddy….what about me …baby…a living person!

I won’t back down…


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