Abuse 101: by a mentally dead woman in bangalore

A conversation with the abuser:

Abuser: A

Victim : V

Abuser: Did you sharpen the knives in my kitchen?

Victim: Yes…

Abuser: haha. Why? What did you use to sharpen them?

V: It was a knife sharpening guy outside on the street.

A: Those knives have a sharpening rod. They are henkels knives.

When did you take the knives?

Did you ask me? Or inform me?

V: Knives: No, I didn’t ask. I saw the guy outside and asked driver to give the knives and bring them back.

I had tried the sharpening rod many times before. It hardly made a difference.

A: but…did you ask me…it’s my house…it’s been 5 yrs and I dont go to kitchen because handling knives scares me….one year I was cutting myself…you know that too…So why…why??

You didn’t even ask and sharpen the knives.

You Tell me I have to cook
Gaslight me
Don’t let me go back home. Control our lives financially

Hurt my children…our children..


sharpen knives

Then tell me I have to cook and clean and act as if nothing’s wrong? I am a sick person under watch by a team of doctors. Just to keep me alive.

(I am 51 yrs old…can’t I take care of myself? I can, I do..maybe I can try harder Tomorrow!)

A: Why didn’t you ask me? Or atleast inform me? Coz I kept thinking something wasn’t right about the knives and I didn’t know who put scratches on the knives.

I will go to kitchen for the girls…no matter what..
Even though i get hot there. mosquitos bite my leg. I hate mosquitoes. They bite me every night and day. I dont sleep most nights because I get bit.


I hope someone sees the signs…and identifies the abuser around you. Yes…Abuser can disguise as the Victim and/Or the Rescuer.

I have been through so much abuse…
That i feel dead.

I dont want to be dead yet.

“Lastly, do not take a neutral stance. When we sit back and act like both people have caused this to happen, we are actually saying that it is not abuse, which makes the abuser feel right and the victim feel wrong. The abuser needs to be called out and held accountable. The victim needs to be protected, and comforted. The victims need to be shown that they are worth taking care of.” (QUOTED from the Google search)

My hope to the universe!

R 😉


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