Mentally sick woman kept as slave in Bangalore

Yes….I am a woman. I am mentally sick. I live in Bangalore. I am being kept as a slave…along with my 2 daughters.

I am a slave.

I have no rights

I have no feelings

I just have to keep pushing and pushing ….hehe

Or I will be whipped with such bad things…blamed and mocked and ridiculed…begging for my existence

I am all alone….they are 11 narcissists

I have to go for rTMS…it’s magnetic shock treatment on the left cortex of my head. It hurts a lot …the sound…and headaches… and I am supposed to be relaxed because my slightest anger or crying will trigger pain waves in my head.

I told my masters …I have electric chair treatment…been going on and off for last 1 year. I need for somebody to go with me…sit with me…because I am very scared. My daddy would have gone with me.

I go alone…my driver drives me…then I sit for the 37 minutes of protocol…tears dreaming down my face…because I HAVE to do this…I have to exist and live for my daughters.

I just found out that my abusers have been mentally torturing and abusing and shunned ignored by their own father n family…. my daughters too…why? Because i thought i was the bad and evil one…but why hurt my little girls…why call them names belittle them break their confidence…

And i am shattered…finished.

I cannot do the treatment and manage house and close a business, pursue a 15 years pending divorce and fight BPD or whatever it is I have…

I get tired, then I cry and then I just wanna run away from this house…this prison…

But i am a slave….

I will do as I am conditioned to do….which is live…no matter what. Keep my eyes on the girls…nothing can come in between…

I am telling the universe…

Just now…he walked in my house n glared at me with disgust…and told me I can be sick or whatever…but I have to do what I was told to do. If I say no…he takes it out on my daughters.

When I got a bad bacterial infection and went to hospital alone…he said to the girls…don’t worry mumma will not die…she is tough!!

What I felt like doing ..

What I did.

What I didn’t do

I remain…


One response to “Mentally sick woman kept as slave in Bangalore”

  1. You are very brave Raina. The universe will help you get out of this. You are tough, he spotted right.

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