A BPD mom saves 12 kids from Police Brutality in Bangalore

Everyday…ThereGood1Last night…

I want to write

But i just can’t seem to..

Everyday…There is something happening that spins me clockwise and anti clockwise…

Goaod versus bad

Mental versus NORMAL

black n white

Female? And Male?

Yesterday…I shut all these noises

I was me…

A psychic mother…I am not psychotic and dictate their lives. I just watch them from a distance and because I am connected with them at soul…I can feel them all the time

Yes…you are welcome to call it BPD.

12 kids ….aged 12 to 15 were arrested last evening at 4pm at a restaurant, with UNDERAGE wrist bands around their wrists given by restaurant.

They were ordered to get in the police vans and held inside the car for 3 hours….parents not informed. Then these kids were taken to a hospital for the blood work to be done.

No breath analyser test was done at the time these kids were restrained.

It was a bday party with 40 kids…the rest were let go. Only 12 arrested. NONE had alcohol or drugs. I know.

My god daughter suggested for my daughter to share her LIVE location. I started tracking the police vehicle in which my daughter was going. Meanwhile I called the DCP…

When I reached the hospital…I can’t tell you the sight…

Kids were crying…hadn’t been given a drop of water…one girl was having allergic reaction and was being physically…yes physically restrained on the bed for blood work.

I remember shouting n commanding n hugging and holding the girl…and my own kid…and the 3 boys who were so shook up. I asked for them to go to drink water from water fountain 30 meters away and cops started physically handling them like they were terrorists. I yelled again and warned the cops to keep a physical distance from children.

Cops told LIES to all the parents to meet at the police station. But instead the cops took them to hospital. I was NOT listening to the cops…I was FEELING my way to my daughter…

And i ended up feeling the pain of 12 other kids…and save them from the nightmare of the world as it is here in Whitefield Bangalore INDIA.

There….I have placed a pin !!

In pic. The woman cop who was head of the team and A NARCISSICTIC Cop with dead eyes. I saw no soul in them.


2 responses to “A BPD mom saves 12 kids from Police Brutality in Bangalore”

  1. So sad. Sending you love.


  2. So powerful and upsetting all at the same time! I tend to believe that most cops are nothing but narcissistic people with no compassion for others. I believe most become cops to fulfill something internally that they never had and some how think a gun and badge will make they feel stronger, but it does not do any good! In the US, we are not able to turn on the TV anymore without hearing of a cop shooting an unarmed child because they felt threatened. I can’t seem to understand how a child without a weapon could pose any threats to an adult, but I guess I never will!


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