I dont have any voice left…only tears and prayers

I just want to stop everything around me. Just stop this game…I am the game…being played with…ignored. my 2 girls…children abused. We are human beings and deserve some dignity. Aren’t we family?

I havr a marriage certificate.

My daughters are waiting for their mom to get better for the last so many years…..taking abuse along with me.

I just couldn’t see the abuse or the abuser. I only saw family…my family. My daughters cousins and friends.

My daughters have cried numerous tears…I am surprised that we are alive and trying to fight for our smiles..we live huddled together…shhh …

Don’t say a word because the cops will be called on me. My girls will be raken away from me….because i have no money to raise them. What will happen to my girls. I am all they have. Why would family call the cops on me…and call my girls abusive names.

. But i am family…why then? Who am I?

Closing my business down by July 30th….a decade of love n belief comes to an end.



3 responses to “I dont have any voice left…only tears and prayers”

  1. You are strong
    Some people just turn the hatred and hurt outside on others
    Some people turn it in on themselves
    Some learn its best to address the pain rather than leaving it to cause harm
    Everyone is on there own journey
    You are a beautiful soul .. you will get through this phase I believe it
    Sending you love


  2. This is awful. I hope you can find a way to solve this. I will be here if you need support. Much love

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  3. I’m sorry things are so hard. 💕

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