Wakeup call by a BPD woman who grew up in University of Roorkee

Morning Travellers of the Universe…

Please identify your fellow companions in your journey through life. 3 categories :

the Victim,

the predators (if you are able to identify one predator, you will start finding more. Trust me. They hunt in packs and take turns.

The Rescuer….your universe that heals you. Example… the trees you hug, the team of doctors, the brand of cigarettes that Keeps you company everyday…..and imaginary Utopia.

I wrote the following note (list) yesterday July 12th. I apologize for the hand writing.

I am still in shock after identifying the predators in my life. How can my saviour and family be the predator?

Predator means who eats you up…

Nobody has eaten me. I am still alive.

Today morning I came across the following post….

This is one of the signs that I needed from the universe. I am scared but hopeful.


With best regards

Raina Sahu


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