Declaration of independence by a BPD woman in Bangalore

I decided this morning that i am going to declare my independence. From this moment forth I shall only speak my truth and stick to my facts. Nobody is the boss of me, even my Dad wasn’t…

I was raised like the Queen of the family. I ruled the house. My family loved my crazy self and me.

As a woman in India….as a woman who is financially dependent… has a mental disease…As a woman hiding alone with 2 daughters….As if i dont exist….because i dont. I have to shout to be heard…walk the streets to be seen….

I saw women as colourful…in my small town and in my home. A woman could do everything that a man can do….so i chose a motorcycle. Independent woman was not a category! Today I feel Have we gone back in time? What happened to my small town…what happened to my India…where I must be a woman to prove I am a woman.

My conversation with my BPD Goddaughter:

[30/06, 3:47 pm]

L: It will help many, I can assure you of that. Your daughters, I think, would be proud. If you were my mother I’d be proud. It takes strength and courage to speak, it’s not something everyone can do and I believe there’s a reason certain people are meant to tell their story.

Raina: What if my truth is weird

L: truth is always scary but it’s real

L: There are always going to be people that don’t agree with what you say or do but fuck them, live your life for you and your girls, not their opinions. Never hide who you really are. 💗

Raina: who am i? I wanna find me. Any Suggestions where to look?

L: I’ll let you know when I find myself 😂😂


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