Discovered 2 more victims of gaslighting in Bangalore

Morning 🙂

Do stats matter…..human life and pain is not a number…am I a number?

I am paining a lot for last few days. My daughters soul mate horse…Danny died. Loss, grief and betrayed trust has crumbled my beleif system…


Last night a beautiful mother….a victim of ongoing gaslighting and mental torture plus diagnosed with BPD…..reached out to the Moon….her prayer…” I just wanna die…but I can’t leave my kids”.

Please tune into to hear her story. Lucy has kindly offered to interview them. I am unable to do this very emotional task. Am grateful to Lucy and all of you for accepting me and feel that I belong.

Thank you for listening.

Raina Sahu

Daughter of

Professor R.K. Sahu, Architect. University of Roorkee

And Dr. Mrs. Sarla Sahu, First Lady architect in India. University of Roorkee

My brother, Architect

Lizy (Elizabeth)…my heart and my dad’s soul…lived for 8 yrs.

My family when I was 21yrs old.


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