Looking for Magnets: a mentally cussed woman in Bangalore

Morning from Bangalore…

This one is going to be a quick one. I have missed writing.

Just watching me a lot…grieving for Danny…my daughters best friend…a horse…killed by humans due to neglect. Paining and healing…and repeat ! πŸ˜‰

I was separating these rocks by size for planting succulents. I need the same size and small ones for small organic pots.

Then it struck me….I love being naughty…teehee

I Grabbed one of my powerful magnet….and was delighted that i caught some rocks on the magnet. They just clung…

Next ….I started roving the magnet over the other rock piles ( I have 8 piles).

If i select only the magnetic rocks from all the piles of rocks. Then soon I shall have a big fucking mountain of only magnetic rocks. I will name it the BPD Mountain? You have a better suggestion?

Because it is magnetic….the mountain will continue to grow tall and big and tall….touch the heavens ……till everybody can see …..See this beautiful and magical mountain.

Caution: Don’t throw rocks ….i have the power to repel them. I have other magical powers….I attract only magnets. Wanna try me? πŸ˜‰


2 thoughts on “Looking for Magnets: a mentally cussed woman in Bangalore

  1. Morning πŸ™‚

    Thank you for the thumbs up. Last night a beautiful mother….a victim of ongoing gaslighting and mental torture plus diagnosed with BPD…..reached out to the Moon….her prayer…” I just wanna die…but I can’t leave my kids”.

    Please tune into themoon.in to hear her story. Thank you for listening.
    Raina Sahu


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