Healing is constantly happening…watch today!

I think I have been doing ‘meditation thingie’ for many years now….

unknown to me….the universe has been healing me and touching me with its presense and energy.

I should slow down and feel mindless…thoughtless….painless, feelingless? That’s meditation…??

To me healing is meditation….yourself and others around you. My feelings remain ready for universe to heal.

When I smile….2 seconds

When I dance (6 yrs ago)

When I sing (11 yrs ago)

When I am creating something (takes me 5 mins from start to finish)

Everytime I get hugs

When the yellow butterfly appears from nowhere n dances around me (2 secs)

When I can’t stop laughing for 2 minutes….when my daughter falls off the horse…hehe

Every time I glance at the moon (4 secs)

I heal everytime I see acts of kindness (when I get out…I look outside from the window of my car)

When I walk barefoot ( 1 yr 1 month)

When I take cold showers everyday (2 mins. Practicing one year and 2 months)

When I cook (7 yrs I didn’t …but I cooked chicken curry yesterday 🙂

Everyday I spend time under the sky surrounded by tall trees….the breeze heals me…

When I am doing a Tarot reading (found a few months …a new thing to play with)

Will try being more mindful and am gonna try this. I am shit scared of the word meditation!

“5 second meditation for healing”



3 responses to “Healing is constantly happening…watch today!”

  1. This was an absolutely amazing post! I really loved every word and pictures! Also the link you shared was great! You might have already done this, but if you have not I would love it if you would take a look at my site! I always aim to be encouraging and inspirational through the words that I share! I am without a doubt looking forward to more of yours!

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    1. Thank you Alyssa…you made me smile and also feel …..wow!!

      We are connected now…time to make some noise!
      Hugs from Bangalore

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      1. You are welcome!! I am so glad we are connected!


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