For J ….He helped me connect dots and See…

Although I never met J….

When I first read J’s story…as told by Lucy….I was struck hard…I stopped breathing. I got so anxious that i reached out to Lucy via private mail and wanted to know if J was a real person…like flesh n blood and a human being. Her answer was affirmative!

I ‘ve read that post in parts a few times, since yesterday….and it seemed like J was sending us a message…certainly touched me…He opened my eyes .

So….can we all make some noise!!?

Paint the universe red.

If i knew computers…I would post a black blank page…on all the moneymaking portals…WordPress and FB included. (I am trying to find something black)

My thoughts…(this is what I Feel)

Mentally sick people hide….right?

Mentally sick people spend 90percent time shut away in some space…I am my own stats to prove….right?

Mentally sick people are also very creative and empathetic (mostly) YET never get paid…right?

Mentally sick people love to give love…true?

WE will help anyone who is suffering…at any cost…because WE FEEL their pain. We give for free! who agrees? I agree!!

WE trust our illusion that we can bring an end to this suffering. We never loose hope till the day we die!! Its a good thing, right?

Hence…we write…anonymously….no identity, no faces to show…no cuts to photograph….we show our wounds publicly n get ridiculed and gaslighted….for Speaking OUR TRUTH…really?

All the above….. makes our creativity, words and messages and poetry a hot commodity. A expertise that only WE possess. So…we start attracting more Mental people like us.

Subsequently….This process generates a Lotta footfall for WordPress.

Does that mean they make more money?

(Genuinely curious)

If the answer is NO…then it’s okay. Because neither do I, in my business.

If the answer is YES….

Then why cant they sponsor a few of these blessed souls to take a vacation. All expenses paid for at a destination of OUR choice. It’s called BARTER!

It’s just an example of what one brand can do. You reackon… WE the mental help generate money for other brands DESPITE being in Pain trapped in a CAGE like a exhibit.

Why did I ask for travel….because it’s healing in many ways. It whisks us away from our pain. I would allow the mentals to relate and the world to understand that WE are NOT stupid.

Sending feelings of possibilities present in the Universe. (Will write more later…am quite tired now)

Love To J ….

Thank you Lucy for telling his story.

And Scarlett….am not too far!!



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