Coming out of our Shells:

This here proves that the plant was tricked and gaslighted. The plant is me with BPD…the plant is alive and hence has a shape? and energy? and hunger? But the plant was told there is no light for you….you are destined to die in the darkness…inside the shell.

I made these organic (mask shape) pots about a year ago. I tried growing several things on it! They kept drying or not attaching to the pot…just lay there….not happening!! After a while it would die.

So, this time i planted them (about a month ago) and i covered them with large shells…cutting out sunlight. Only a little peek of light peeked in ….

Can anyone guess what happened?

The plant started to panic and started growing towards the LIGHT….

Soon…the other parts of the plants noticed and started imitating the behaviour of this brave little thing…who showed the way!!

This post was triggered by Scarlett and Annette and Lucy and Richard ..who triggered me…to feel .. to think …and wonder and ask…and ask ….and i looked around the Moon and looked at these 2…i found these 2 masks….lying around…waiting to tell a story .

Something good came out of the word trigger. There are good triggers too? You reckon?

Does this mean that all the mentally fucked people are like these pretty little cute itty bitty things…peeking out and testing the LIGHT !! 😉

I feel…we are together guiding each other towards light. Am feeling a smile coming on…. cheers to freedom!


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