Gaslighting is in the fabric of Indian Culture!

Morning beautiful people of the Universe…who are geographically misplaced and landed in Bangalore by mistake. The other are lucky…just don’t know yet!! 😉

I discovered the word ‘gaslighting yesterday…and went…whoa…which planet have you been on Seestaa!! ( sister!)


My mind is racing…truth emerging…so there is bound to be some nonsense that Only empaths can understand.


Look around you…dont miss the spots behind your ears! 😉

Draw a circle…which is you. Put the people who make your heart smile and accept you as you are or whatever you are. As dots or tiny itty bitty circles.

Place the people who make you feel opposite…confuse you….look at you like you are the ugliest THING….not human. Place them as dots outside the circle…or on the Borderline.

NOW….let the games begin…

(Note to me: … do i also do the same thingie for me?)

( I didn’t do it..yet!!)

But you must try.

If the circle is you then the dots within the circle are meaningful BUT must be looked at very critically. I can’t emphasize it enough.

The ones outside the circle don’t matter. But again….if they don’t matter…then erase those dots. I hope you were using a pencil! I love using pencils…coz i can make corrections. I love pens too…but mostly for my to do lists. Go figure that!! Haha

( I have used the eraser only once since last year)

The thing in India is….due to the population…there is lot more dots …haha

Get my Point?

If you are thinking….then share your circle pic with dots in the comments section.

I will pause and let the Universe do it’s job!

I have so much love and gratitude for everyone one of you who has made me THINK!


Rrr aina 🙂


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