My trip to ER …got me tripping since then…:-)

2 days ago:

This is for the 2 young nurses who attended to me at the ER at 10pm …when i was spiking 102.7 fever and turns out a bad tummy bug! 😦

Am feeling much better now.

He was putting drip and it started to swell…and then i chanted to tolerate my pain…thought of my Dad sitting by me to help tolerate the pain… i was scared to move Intravenous spot…makes it hurt….

It brings back memories of when i spent 20 days in the hospital at the time of child birth…fighting for my life…howling at the universe to cause me so much pain… And since then IV always hurt like a bitch.

But after some time it started swelling and the nurse returned to change it. He wanted to put in right hand and i said…but this is my smoking hand…

I played the destitute….he sat next to me …asked me who came with me….how i came to hospital alone…..where i lived…did i eat…who cooks for me…what i eat….

He looked worried…he was worried. I felt it…i could see it on his face.

He found another spot for IV and was very gentle and his colleage very kind and loving. They touched my life last night….i fell in love with them..


Today i laughed…with the memory of meeting these 2 nurses…whom i connected with…fell in love with their kindness n smiles…kind words…youthfulness…honesty…love… and they gave me a perfect bandage and a PEace sign….as i walked outta the ER…..with a smile that is still stuck on my face…. 🙂

Today morning i woke up thinking of love…

And how quicklyl i fall in love…and share my world my energy my feelings and my strengths….with total strangers …


Yesterday was magical …i met them again…the 2 nurses….they pushed the other nurses away and came straight for me smiling like idiots…i showed them this draft of my blog and they just looked at me…not believing that they had made a huge difference in someones life…. 🙂

So…. i want to send this post out in the universe…because someone Might be waiting to fall in love… 😉


2 responses to “My trip to ER …got me tripping since then…:-)”

  1. Awwww this is sweet of you! And I hope you get well soon 🤗

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you so much Naddy …for receiving my compliment and the hugs. I am alright now and ready to make some noise.

      God bless!


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