Uses of having Borderline Personality Disorder:

I want you to think…

I want you to ask the right questions

I want you to choose!

My being bpd helps how?

A. Prevent traffic on streets by staying home 🙂

B. Consume less food

C. Crime statistics drop…we dont report them!

D. We dont hurt anyone…coz we are busy hurting ourselves!

E. We are always available to be bullied….hence making you feel superior…. (actually not)

Ffff: i see you all and wish for you not to suffer…be well…because i dont want you to ever hurt…..thats a prayer i say everyday!

X. I am still living…because I am not done beleiving in you… and me… living happily ever after!

Y. Everytime i see you smile…i see the next generation smiling

Z. Stats can change at the drop of a bomb….BPD just might rule!!

Appreciate your stopping by to read my mind… 🙂


Rain ah 🙂

Ps: i made this pot 3 yrs ago.


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