You can never be happy..i was told !

You complain too much…

Nothing can make you happy

You can never be happy

The mosquitos dont bite

Be thankful you are not on the streets

You would never be able to get a job

Nobody wants to deal with a sick crazy person…thats why the cops were calles on you…

You are sick woman….you belong in a hospital….

You have everything….still you are unhappy….

You cant get everything…

You cant eat food when you are hungry…you have to wait till men have eaten….

This is how all indian woman live…this is life!

She should be ignored…her daughters are also bad children…..they dont deserve a bday gift…

A meeting of majority….A sentence was passed. Without telling us…without a chance to speak…

11 years.

But i donno what my crime is?

I would have never agreed to make such a deal….give up my happiness because i didn’t deserve it.

Who made that choice?

Raina did….i did…i chose!

I made a choice

With my sickness

With a belief

With trust

With love

With my blood….

With the life of 2 children

Loosing my sanity….

I dont have memories….


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