Dont fuck with me…i am a wounded tiger:

….by now you have figured that i have 2 teenage daughters.

They are good girls and had to mature early in life….watching their mom struggle in india and raise them.

They have only me…their rock their mom …i am very important to them. They need me to watch over them for many more years. But will i last? I am trying…but people don’t stop bullying me and my girls because we have no voice…no support…no protection…no understanding!

Yesterday morning my older daughter came home….after her horse riding lesson. I was sitting and having my coffee and cig….she came runnning and sat in my lap…hugging me tight and sobbing uncontrollably. A 17 year old … tough cookie was crying and shaking with fear.

She got bullied by the instructor and yelled at and the whip got thrown at her horse…the horse was scared because of the instructor shouting n shouting in anger at her and was going backwards instead of listening to my daughters command.

Her chaperone just watched and not stand up for her. She cried for the horse and apologized to her horse and walked away from the riding school.

The girls need to be accompanied all the time….i do as much as i can.

Fact 2: we are living in India. Woman and female child are to be bullied.

Yes…we have tried another instructor and riding schools but i am told its like this only in India…. to be a typical indian pervert man.

I am going to have my second coffee and then declare war on the world around me.

I have been pushed so much…i have broken down…i have raised my voice and got called SICK…but today will be different. For 11 years i have been kept in India…my life in america…my home…taken away from me.

My daughters have nobody but me.

I will not fade…


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