Survival of the Bpd people in India:

“The problem is not our differences, but our judgement of each other, and the indifference towards it. By pathologising, stigmatising and marginalising intense people, the world is sitting on a gold mine without knowing it, and we are being held back in progression as a collective. ” (quoting)

I have lived with bpd for 50 years. So when i am now realizing my symptoms and recognizing my weaknesses….i feel like….i am seeing the symptoms…but Everything in the past. So….today…i sit and wonder…how have i become this person…so hopeless n damaged…. When did his happen? How have i been functioning normally…and still expected to act like you….when i am hurting so bad inside….Why didnt i pay attention…why didnt i research…

What happens to all my life that got away from me….because i trusted and believed ? I have lived my whole life feeling so much pain… everytime …everyday i am treated like a outcast. What have i done to you…i am only hurt myself…cried because i MIGHT have hurt your feelings….

“How is my pain bothering you?” Then why are you bullying me?

So…i created my Moon and now I sit here thinking “tomm i am going to take over the world….”

So all that shit IS over and done with. I have lived all the disadvantages.

Now…i wanna explore the advantages of being 200% more sensitive than the lot of you. Surely…all the pain i have endured and lived to write here..must be a reason. Coz its pain that makes me seek ways (solutions) to heal you and me…

“Being gifted means you are called upon to help people find their path and bringing a little bit more light into the world. Being gifted is to have the gift to make yourself glow so you can touch others and help them to find their own glow. – Sandra Mantel


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