I am a Stigma…in India


I learnt the difference between the two words and also what they mean…since i did not know the meaning. I didnt realize it applied to me! Stigma is a noun.

My conversation with my younger

daughter (D) …

Raina: : I am a stigma because i have BPD ..a illness.

Dotty : what… what is stigma mean?

R: Its like a dhabba…a kalank (i said in hindi…a stain…a shame…)

D : seriously?

R: well…. Since i am writing about my BPD…writing my truth….what if people say your mom is a Stigma?!

D: I dont care what anyone says.

If i hate someone,,,then it doesnt matter.

M: What if you like them?

D: …then i will not like them anymore..

And the third time…. Karma !! She said.

We laughed together and she gave me a hug. And i only felt love….i did not feel like a Stigma!

Ps: the second word i learnt “stigmatized”

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