You teach me the world …. i show you the universe…

Many moons ago….

I remember crossing streets in my home town.. My dad always held my hand…and I trusted him….noticing how he would always shield me in his shadow….and i didn’t think about it much….took it for granted….until now…

Other times i rode my motorcycle and used indicators…and wore a helmet always.

Simple. Right!

Then whats the problem today…

..a woman cant cross a road alone…in Bangalore..this city where i live. I watch helplessly…as the older citizens of this country…whom we can afford some dignity …and the women and children stand on the side of the road….too scared to take a step forward….the dust flying in their eyes…trying to cross a road…( i got out of the house after 13 days) and am pained.

Lets not honk atleast…or step on the accelerator!

In my town…in Roorkee…this happened with my father… he was standing on the side of the road waiting to cross the road and the car came and hit him and kept going….he did not tell me he got hurt. I was in America…i would worry…i wouldnt underatand how someone could do this to my my home town…on my watch !!

Last month…as i stood on the side of the road at 8pm…..with my daughter…waiting for my cab…a car came straight towards us…on the SIDEWALK and i had to push my daughter in the ditch behind to save us!

I have walked in my fathers shoes these last 10 years in India…i have felt the pain of being alone and helpless…in a strange country…hiding in a fish bowl

Please donot bully me because i FEEL, judge me because i have blue hair …shun me why? ….intimidate me …coz you can…ignore me…because YOU dont understand…and i failed math in school .haha!

what is stigma? I dont understand this word. I dont see how being kind despite being blind To The world … WRONG!

Dont presume you know me….i have been quiet…i have been watching me…and the universe has been my playground…

I can show you what i see

I can make you smile

I can tell a few stories….

I can share where i have been..

…you can show me the world !



Day 5 of rTMS


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