I felt safe in USA. I dont feel safe in india.

As a woman…as a mother of 2 young girls…as a businesswoman….as a human being…as a proud DAUGHTER of India…a product of India…made in India….and broken in India!!

I dont feel safe!!

Prove me wrong! Any support for the VICTIMS….? i found out yesterday that my medical insurance will not cover mental disease…how long can i sustain my treatment and illness alone…..will i ever be able to leave the Moon…

…no support groups here…no consideration for people who WANT to live….Yes…we have a beautiful vision!

Why am i hiding…why must i hurt ….why am i in a jail…what did i do…what sins did i commit…did i hurt you….please hang me. Lets end this…the Ignorant must be taught!

A woman is bullied everyday here….then mental woman kaa kya karey….pathar maro….because I am outnumbered!!

So… I am going to leave as soon i can….go back home…where I am left alone…to be what I wanna be….to FEEL SAFE.

Its a shame that OUR creativeness and unconditional trust… and the Love WE FEEL IS WHAT MAKES US SICK. I am tired of being sick…i am more tired for not being ACCEPTED as a human…and I am absolutely DONE with accepting A LIFE that WAS NOT MY CHOICE ….

Then why am i in this place today?


(Realizing my BPD syptoms…since i started writing…has made me very depressed. Its to be expected. And i know THAT. BUT i am not able to cope.

So…i have gone back to the chair …started rTMS yesterday.

Listen….I am not going to stop writing…

My dad would say to me and my brother…live without fear..coz you are FREE…

“Daddy…i have my eyes on the girls…and I want their generation to be strong and LOUD and make noise…be FREE.”


One response to “I felt safe in USA. I dont feel safe in india.”

  1. I somehow understand your concern but dear friend , do you think of America is safe? was it same before civil war and there is no rape cases? , the most cruel persons living there.. thing is sex is more casual there and anyone consent sleep with the person and ..here it’s seen as taboo and the girls who wanna be more modest, get raped!! – This doesn’t make India bad!

    Second what about those indians are killed because of ethnicity, color and so on..I don’t feel safe there as a human…It can happen anywhere..to get shoot down…just my opinion


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