A BPD woman in India:

In India, human beings are categorized in 2 types

Born a man,….entitled to be human…lifetime guarantee!

Born a woman…entitled to be human..can expire ANYTIME, no warranty!

Being A woman with BPD in India….”arrey esko toe maataa aa jaatee hai…duur raho”

(Translation: she gets possessed by demons….stay away!)

Meena kumari…the hindi movie actress, wrote a ghazal…

“Shama hoon, phool hoon, yaa raet pey kadmo kaa nishaan…

…..Aap ko haq hae mujhey jo bhi ji chahey keh ley”

(i am a fire, or a flower or just like footprints on the sand…you have the right to call me anything )

(To my english readers…i Must use all the languages i know…..to express what i mean. And the moment i say it in english…it looses its FEELING of the meaning. I grew up listening to and singing a lot of ghazals and thumrees…and I feel happy when i speak in punjabi oe vice versa. Accents are important too…. dont ask !! )

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