BPD 101 :

“You get hijacked by your feelings”…Dr. S had told me….I did not understand the full extend of it.

I have been treated as a “normal MOM” and accepted by my girls. So i didn’t think i could be sick. I am up. Shit shower smoke.. And for the rest of the day my focus remains on the girls and then the business.

  • “Living with borderline personality disorder can be difficult. You DONOT realize that your behaviors and thoughts are self-destructive, are hurting you, breaking you down….like ANY SERIOUS PHYSICAL AILMENT. …yet feel unable to stop yourself. You feel like a train wreck.
  • Understanding your illness is next. It might take a few years…so dont give up….everything will make sense one day, trust me.
  • Sticking to your treatment plan
  • Attending therapy sessions as scheduled
  • Slow down. Dont do 10 things in a day. I know you are capable of juggling multiple things…as you distract yourself from feeling!!
  • DO only 3
  • Don’t be cocky “i went to Yale…and hence its proven i am intelligent, hence i KNOW i am just different and popular and smarter” …. Get help!! Deepika Padukone did!!
  • what makes you super mad and hot ….AVOID that “what
  • Reach out to others with the disorder…so you start HEARING what you have been FEELING. It helps. I donno how. But it helps.

I have a Guardian Angel…find yourself one!


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