Keep ice and perfume close :

I had read long time ago…that ice can cool us down. …ice is cold. Its a feeling…when you feel hot or cold…

So when my feelings get outta control…i am supposed to stick my head in the freezer (kidding) .. hold ice cubes or place them in contact with you….and this cold feeling brings down the intensity of the anger, crying…

How strange….I remember playing with ice cubes…slipping them in someone’s shirt and watch them squeel and squirm… my daughters do that. Well….in my case…over a few seconds..i notice the ice has melted and it somehow calmed me down…

Bpd people are very sensitive to smells and sounds. 200% more than a normal human being….I could always sniff and tell if something was missing…salt or sugar… That was many years ago…I stopped cooking…

Yesterday….both helped…to calm me…instead of my Sos medicine. And ofcourse I reached out to my doctors and met her this morning. I have great support.

Dont hold a gadget while you are applying ice…..might electrocute you!

Posted in BPD.

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