I Don’t feel me anymore…

Raina: i am feeling hot. I cant tolerate heat, i can’t wear this fabric or dress because it makes makes me hot.

And when i FEEL hot…i get irritated and loose my cool.

The world: whats wrong with you…its not unbearable. Look at me…i am not affected. You were born in India…so you should be used to it. What nakhraa! You will HAVE TO IGNORE WHAT YOU ARE FEELING AND WHATS REAL TO YOU….

Day after day

Year after year

FOR 25 years….

Raina…who am i. Am i allowed to feel what i feel? Am i allowed to cry id i get too warm…i feel like i am suffocating…

Does it matter anymore..

I am conditioned/ programmed to BELIEVE that i am the only person on the planet who cribs about getting hot . Its my fault i complain. I should suck it up. Get used to it.

It doesn’t fucking matter what you feel.


Please remind me again…who has the BPD?


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