Back to the Moon…

After 10 days at Auroville….

Am back with a new resolve…a few actually…

But the mission remains….to leave India and return home …as soon as i have the money to do so.

I must go back to find myself…to find what i lost…because i SEE and FEEL that i am missing a big part of me…and i wont stop till i find it.

I need to believe that i exist…i need to do this for me…and for my girls. I want to Be ABLE TO  CHOOSE a happy life.  I will not allow anybody to take that CHOICE away from me…because i am a woman and because ” i am a FEMALE with BPD in india”…

I DID NOT HAVE A CHOICE….I WAS NOT GIVEN A CHOICE….i presumed that this is my destiny…my end….until a few weeks ago.

For 11 years i have FELT trapped …and oblivious to the ” what the fucks going on here”…….. of my life..

So….there is scope?!!  😉


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