Put a band aid on my HEAD …

I realised today…thats because i look fine…

So why dont i walk around with a band aid on my head. People will notice. They will be KIND.

And that my friend, will solve all my problems and reduce global warming.

To be kind. To wear a smile on my face thats what i like to do whenever i go out !!

BUT i dont go out no more. Ofcourse i am sick…i have BPD. Because the environment is harsh….and breeds so many woman like me. The do’s and donts for a indian women is an unending list.

But when i do step out…and tou smile at me…i will talk with you. And if you are kind to me then I will come out AGAIN.

I am not blaming you….i am just saying…coz its healing for me. I donno abour you!


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