Correct diagnosis is important:

I am a classic example of…..

I got diagnosed with BPD, I have depression….hmm

what can we do?

gimme meds,? Ok

therapy twice a week? ok.

Until……its in my face, I loose all control

It took me 46 yrs to get a diagnosis….also because I never stopped, never paused, kept going…no matter what…

When you are always doing something or the other, so involved with your children, your passion and educated …THEN to google the possibility of mental ailments is like….are you fkg kidding me!?

But, I know now….I can see it in me…what any mental illness is capable of destroying…it can destroy a whole lifetime of relations and leave you questioning your sanity!

“You must talk with a professional, a doctor, before it gets out of control. Don’t ever get yourself to the stage of ending up in hospital as it will scar you, they are horrid places to be in, but essential for your safety. Look after yourself, help yourself. You have to choose to recover, you don’t want this life forever, so do it for you. Get the help early on and love yourself. Trust people around you too, let people in who will listen and help.”

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